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not bad

Im pretty pleased with this app. Its got some great tips, but Sometimes itll recommend to make something, or buy a certain product without actually saying what its for or what problems it resolves, but all in all its really good... And FREEEE ;)


Please optimize the app startup speed. Please add your contact info inside the app so that people can send you feedback or report any bugs.

I know a secret...

Either your copying someone elses app or your being copied. SMS me if u want more.

Not working

This app doesnt let you go to setting, I tried installing it again and you still could not change any settings.

I like it, but its very confusing.

It has lots of tips, but they are spread out all over. It seems like someone took one part of a tip and the other part, and just put a bunch of others with it. Its confusing, but good. Also there are no titles so lots of times you dont even know what your being told about.


Well its ok the tips are good but they are all spread around and as soon as I open thaapp and clck in something it crashes

No like

Its boring! And its way confusing


Why does it say for an Asian persons wedding and tips for asian people? But other then that this app is awesome i lernd pretty Kewl things :)

Great tips

Lots of great tips for everything


Very useful app,simple ui and easy to use,it has over 3000 beauty tips,and i can easily share all these to my friends via facebook,twitter or email.A must try app.

Amazing app! Useful tool!

This app is so wonderful. In this app, there are beauty tips. This app has gorgeous user interface. And it is very easy to use and very satisfied! I love this app. I recommend this app for my friends. Thank you for making this app.


Nice app. It is the largest collection of "beauty tips" available on the app store. It taught me how to beauty. I like it very much. Im looking forward to more features.


Thats great. It contains over 3000 tips about beauty. Its UI is very beautiful, I can share these tips with my friends. I like it very much.

Great tips.

Really a beautiful app with great content. Works great, full of excellent tips. I was looking for somthing like this, thanks!


Love this app! So much great advice and so empowering. Really helpful app for beginners, professionals, and everyone in between.


Everything I need for beauty at my fingertips! I find it very informative and helpful. A must have for every girl!

Beauty Tips

Great tips for everyday life. Comes in handy, easy and simple things you can do everyday to enhance your beauty. Like it so far.

Waste of time

I never even got to a real "app" because there were so many scenes for annoying, expensive games in the beginning to get through. I dont even know if there is real content here. Other reviews sound a little fake. Skip it!

I am in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many facts about every thing I loved the facts about orange peels getting rid of pimples.get it you will love it!!!!!!!!!

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